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Our Process

TrueNorth Wealth Management's five-step process can put you on the road to wealth-planning success.

Whether you are still building assets, beginning to transition from wealth accumulation to retirement or planning a legacy for your loved ones, we can help you get on the right path to finding the right solutions for investing.

Step 1 | Understand Goals and Current Planning

Before we make any recommendations, we spend time getting to know more about what you need when it comes to your financial future. We talk about life goals and when you want to meet those, then clarify investment objectives, discover risk preferences, look for tax considerations, understand family concerns and establish your philanthropic objectives.

Step 2 | Analyze, Evaluate and Recommend

We'll present a detailed analysis of your current situation, along with recommendations for action, solutions and strategies.

Step 3 | Implementation

We begin to execute the strategies you agreed to in Step 2 once you give your approval to do so.

Step 4 | Monitor and Adjust

We continually monitor your investments and strategies, looking for changes in performance, risk characteristics, investment style and investment management organizations. We meet with you regularly to review results and are always available to talk to you about concerns and answer questions.

Step 5 | Communication

A key part of helping you work toward your financial goals is communication. We are committed to keeping you informed of investment strategies and decisions, as well as how critical market and economic factors may influence your investment portfolio.

And remember, TrueNorth Wealth Management has a professional responsibility to comply with regulations including appropriate registrations, adherence to an ethical code that is applied to product decisions as well as client service, appropriate team management and continued technical education. We work for you with the highest of ethics.